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New England Property Tax Group's experts have years of experience as appraisers and assessors.
New England Property Tax Group consists of local experts who specialize in real estate and personal property tax abatement. Our people live in New England, and our local experience affords you every advantage in developing the best strategy to minimize your property tax burden while fulfilling compliance requirements. New England Property Tax Groupís review of assessments is thorough and designed to ensure that your resources are appropriately directed to meet your needs. Our goal is to create long term relationships with all our clients.

New England Property Tax Groupís experts have years of experience as appraisers. The advantage for our clients is that we have also worked as assessors. We know what information is necessary to convince local governments that an assessment is too high not just because weíre qualified appraisers, but because weíre also qualified assessors.

Information alone conveys only part of the picture. Thoughtful, innovative analysis and presentation is key to convincing local authorities to reduce your assessment. We can help by submitting appropriate information to the assessor as required, and once thatís done, we help you manage the flow and presentation of information so that you obtain and keep your tax savings.
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