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The real estate event summary for the State of
Rhode Island is as follows:
Event Date Comments
Assessment Date

Tax Returns Due
Value Notices Issued
Tax Bills Due
Appeal Deadline
December 31st

January 31st
August 1st
October - December
List of Accounts due to Assessor. Extensions avail. to Mar 15
Extension to March 1st by written notice
Informal review hearings
Varies by town
Appeal within 90 days of first payment
Q: What is taxable is Rhode Island?
A: All real property in Rhode Island, all personal property belonging to residents or nonresidents of
Rhode Island unless specifically exempt

Q: What is the basis for the real property assessment?
A: Property is assessed at its full and fair cash value, or at a uniform percentage of it, not to
exceed 100%.

Q: What is the date of value?
A: December 31st

Q: Is there an assessment ratio?
A: No

Q: Is there an equalization ratio?
A: Property tax equalization is performed by the Department. The Department collects and publishes property tax data including assessment ratio studies detailing the median level of assessment and the degree of assessment uniformity within each city or town, and the annual computation and issuance of the Russell Index of Inequality within each city or town. The Department annually certifies the ratio of assessment to true value.

Q: What is the process for challenging an assessment?
A: An appeal may be made to the local assessor within 90 days from the date the first tax payment
is due. Appeals from a decision after review by an assessor are made to the local board of review
within 30 days after the assessor renders the decision. However, if the assessor fails to timely render a decision, the taxpayer may appeal to the local board within 90 days after the expiration of the assessor's 45-day review period.
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