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The real estate event summary for the State of
Maine is as follows:
Event Date Comments
Assessment Date
Value Notices Issued
Tax Bills Issued
Appeal Deadline to Assessor
Appeal to Board of Property Tax Review
April 1st
July - Aug
December - February
February - April
Property tax filings due
Informal Review
Varies among municipalities
185 days after date of commitment
File within 60 days of notice of denial
Q: What is taxable is Maine?
A: All real and tangible property is taxable.

Q: What is the basis for the real property assessment?
A: All property is assessed at its "just value" which is based on 100% of current market value.

Q: What is the date of value?
A: April 1st

Q: Is there an assessment ratio?
A: No

Q: Is there an equalization ratio?
A: The State Tax Assessor is responsible for equalizing the state and county taxes among the several towns and unorganized territories. The State Tax Assessor adjusts the assessment list of each town by assign to or deducting from it an amount that will make it equal to its just value as of April 1st.

Q: What is the process for challenging an assessment?
A: Property owners who wish to protest a valuation, classification or denial of an exemption are required to review the dispute at an administrative level before seeking court redress.
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