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The real estate event summary for the State of Connecticut is as follows:
Event Date Comments
Assessment Date
Personal Property Filings Due
Value Notices Issued
Appeal Deadline to Board of Assessment Appeals
Superior Court

Tax Returns Due
Tax Bills Issued
October 1st
November 1st

February 20th


June 1st
Grand List Date
On or before November 1st

Assessment increase notice mailed by Feb 1
Town can ask for extension until March 20th

File within two months of Board of Assessment Appeal decision
I&E return due if requested; 10% penalty for late filing
First bill issued based upon Grand List Assessment
Q: What is taxable is Connecticut?
A: All real and tangible property is taxable.

Q: What is the basis for the real property assessment?
A: All property is assessed at a uniform rate of 70% of true and actual valuation. The 70% assessment ratio must apply to both residential and non-residential property. For the most part, "true and actual value" is considered fair market value.

Q: What is the date of value?
A: October 1st of the Grand List Year

Q: Is there an assessment ratio?
A: Yes all property is assessed at 70% of fair market value.

Q: Is there an equalization ratio?
A: The Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management annually determines the ratio of assessed valuation of real property to the fair market value of property for each town based on records of actual sales and other appropriate statistical techniques.

Q: What is the process for challenging an assessment?
A: The taxpayer must appear before the local Board of Assessment Appeals for relief. Decisions of the Board of Assessment Appeals may be reviewed in the Superior Court.
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